Make-up has not only the ability to make women look impressive – it can also give the impression of quite frightening dark characters. We can redraw the face of the client in such a way that it becomes a completely new character that even the closest family can not recognize.

Event tattoo demonstrates the chilling power of cosmetics on your website where it transforms into incredibly realistic and scary creatures with cosmetics and body paints worth recommending and promoting the brands of cosmetics known to us.
Event tattoo has perfected his skills in painting terrifying scenes on his own face and body.
Artists from Event tattoo transform into scary creatures, such as Two Face from Batman movies, a vodoo doll, rotting bride.
Our works have many references to pop culture. On the face, we paint a variety of transformations ranging from characterization and halooween to make-up to movies, including scars of face repainting that look like computer graphics and, of course, painting children, this is not what we love to do. We like to work out all the important details light, small shadows, contours, all the small details, it is important for us to achieve a satisfactory final result for us and our client.
we focus on refining our make-up and down to the smallest details it is very important for us that the final effect of our work would be satisfying even for a very demanding client.
we care about refining all the smallest details thanks to which our make-up achieves the highest and most satisfying effect even for the most demanding client

In addition to posting the results of our transformations, I also want to share tips on the selection and use of makeup.
we individually price the make-up price depends on the time spent on the given make-up and cosmetics use.

*gratis souvenir photo will be sent by e-mail after completion of the project

On-Line Bookings: We will do our best to accommodate your desired party entertainment time and are usually quite successful in meeting customer’s needs. However, the performers’ schedules are constantly changing and thus can’t be guaranteed via the on-line booking process. We will follow-up with you via email immediately after the booking and then a follow-up email or phone call within 24 hours of your booking to confirm and/or finalize the entertainment details.


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