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The event tattoo will provide you with the very popular Airbrush tattoos service in the world, which is a great hit for all ages and brings a touch of class and joy to every event. Temporary Airbrush tattoos provide a unique and innovative form of brand awareness and entertainment.

They are one of today’s hottest – and trendiest – trends. They look and feel real! Airbrush tattoos are safe, painless, look good and fashionable. They are temporary and can be easily removed. Applied with alcohol-based ink, they dry up immediately and can last from 2 to 5 days (they can be easily removed with the help of oil for children or alcohol). Temporary tattoos are non-toxic, compatible with the FDA and hypoallergenic. All inks are cosmetically formulated and designed specifically for use on the skin.
Having our real pop-up Tattoo is a great way to engage all guests of all ages. We create unique designs for airbrush tattoos in templates. We create temporary tattoos on many topics to cover all ages and trends!



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